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Heat meter – Temperature sensor with MID* approval Complete delivery program available

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Heat meter – Temperature sensor  with MID* approval  Complete delivery program available

With the product line “temperature sensor technology”, JUMO is the leading manufacturer and supplier of temperature sensors for heat meters in Europe. The heat meter, like other measurement devices, is used for the billing of goods or services (here heating costs) and thus is subject to the legally binding metrology. In order to be able to be used in commercial operations, the measurement device previously had to have a model authorisation. In the required authorisation test, at first the construction of the device was tested for compliance with the legal requirements and for the measurement stability. After the measurement device had been produced, the correct measurement was tested in a state run testing authority which is independent from the manufacturer. The measurement device did not receive the calibration stamp until then.
It is the goal of the EU economic region to tear down the barriers in trade between the individual European countries through standard rules and regulations. With the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2204/22/EC, which

entered into effect in all member states of the EU on
30 October 2006, the demands for differing types of measurement devices are harmonised as a basis for fair trade and for the establishment of trust in measurements in the public interest. The previously common calibration stamp was replaced by the CE and the metrology sign, which state that a device which is provided with this sign may be used immediately in all EU states.
Certain prerequisites must be fulfilled before a manufacturer is allowed to attach such a labelling. The manufacturer ultimately is responsible for this since he labels each measurement device and must issue a declaration of conformity after a prescribed conformity assessment procedure has been carried out by a named office. This process corresponds essentially with the previous combination of the construction type authorisation and the first calibration.
JUMO began applying for the required model verification certificates as early as 2006. The first MID model authorisations were available as early as the beginning of December 2006. Further authorisations followed in the year 2007, meaning that today JUMO is the first and only supplier in Europe which has a comprehensive program of temperature sensors for heat meters which are in accordance with the MID labelling. The range spans from the so-called long temperature sensors (installation length from 85 mm) with connecting leads or connection head for the direct measurement and in immersion sleeve (type DL/PL according to EN 1434) down to the short temperature sensors with connection line for direct measurement (type DS according to EN 1434). In the scope of the model test there are higher demands for the technical measurement characteristics of temperature sensors with immersion sleeve, which at first were a hurdle especially with the short temperature sensors with an installation length of up to 50mm. Through the further development of the internal structure as well as the optimising of the metrological characteristics, JUMO could create a comprehensive assortment of temperature sensor immersion sleeve combinations with MID model authorisation.
Parallel to the model authorisation, also the recognition of the quality management system according to the EU directive 2004/22/EC Attachment D was striven for. After a successful audit through the certification office for measurement devices of the PTB, the recognition has been available since
10 January 2007.



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