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JUMO cTRON A new series of compact controllers

Easy to operate, with a brilliant display

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JUMO cTRON A new series of compact controllers

The new series of controllers from JUMO consists of three, freely configurable and universally applicable DIN format compact controllers (96 x 96 mm, 48 x 96 mm, 48 x 48 mm) for controlling temperature, pressure and other physical quantities. They are available as switching or continuous controllers.
The attractive design of the controller, combined with its ergonomically shaped, ultra-flat front panel, will visually enhance every system and machine, as well as every control panel.
It is not only the impressive readability from every angle of the two brilliant and powerful LED displays that is captivating, but also the flexibility of its numerous functions, such as a flashing text display when something special happens or the automatic changeover from setpoint to time when the timer starts. There are also seven LEDs to indicate different switch positions as well as manual mode, ramp function and timer mode.
A clear operating philosophy and a freely configurable operator level reduce parameter diversity and simultaneously increase flexibility for the operator. The design is rounded off by a programmable function key. For configuration, use either the keys on the front panel or the user-friendly, clear setup program. The advantages of this setup program are the time it saves, the errors it avoids and documentation by the system of the configuration data and process values for startup.
Self-optimization, ramp function, manual mode, power ON delay, two limit alarms, extensive timer functions and a service counter are included, even in the basic version.
Each instrument has a freely configurable, universal measurement input for an RTD, a thermocouple and standard signals. It is not necessary to differentiate the hardware when ordering, or to additionally connect an external shunt.
The instruments are fitted with two relay outputs, a binary input and a logic output, as well as a setup interface. All types can also be extended by a further relay or analog output and an RS-485 interface.
Insulated, pluggable screw terminals are available at the rear for electrical connection. This ensures that instruments can be quickly mounted or replaced.
With extensive low and extra-low voltage stock versions, good availability and short delivery times are assured. This brings our customers the advantage of low storage costs or down times.




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