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JUMO dTRON 300 Series controllers, now with GL and (DIN) EN 14597 certification

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JUMO dTRON 300 Series controllers, now with GL and (DIN) EN 14597 certification

JUMO is one of the first European controller manufacturers to have obtained certification to (DIN) EN 14597 from DIN CERTCO for temperature control (TR) devices. The approval of these controllers to the new standards replaces the previous DIN 3440.
Controllers with this certification are applied in all areas where thermal processes need to be monitored and controlled, so that the system can be put into a safe operating condition in the event of a fault.
Users can also obtain instruments from this series with an additional GL approval (GL = Germanischer Lloyd), thus making the instruments suitable for maritime applications
Instruments with the (DIN) EN 14597 approval can be supplied with front panel dimensions 48 x 96 mm (portrait/landscape format) as well as 96 x 96 mm, with a standardized mounting depth of 90 mm.
The GL-certified version of the JUMO dTRON 304 that is available has a 96 x 96 mm front panel.
All the compact controllers with a programming function have 3 expansion slots that can be retrofitted with a variety of options, thus enabling a broad spectrum of applications.
The instruments are manufactured to comply with RoHS (RoHS = Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment), i.e. they fulfill the requirements and limitations for hazardous substances laid down by the 2002/95/EC directive



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