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System optimization made easy Controller startup software from JUMO

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System optimization made easy Controller startup software from JUMO

Controllers such as the JUMO IMAGO 500, JUMO DICON 500, and now the new JUMO dTRON series, include a special software tool in the setup program, for monitoring and documenting the commissioning, thus making it considerably easier.
This startup software enables the visualization and storage of analog and binary signals while the system is being optimized.
Especially for complex processes, a real-time visual presentation of the most important process data is practically indispensable for the control engineer.
All you need for system optimization is one of the controllers mentioned above, a PC or laptop with the setup program, and an interface connection through a setup cable with an RS232 or USB interface. This connection is required anyway for the setup programming, and is therefore usually available.
Important settings, such as the free selection of signals to display the individual analog and binary values in the instrument, zoom, various print options, showing or hiding individual curves, free scaling and choice of colors are all included in this software tool as standard.

The principal functions of the program cover:
• monitoring and documentation of the tuning or auto-tuning phase
• generation of a setpoint step change to determine and record the control-loop characteristics on the basis of the loop response
• comparison of several different control loop results using varied control parameters
• a sampled check of the control loop quality during production operation or when a tool is changed
• saving these data files for quick dispatch by e-mail to an expert advisory team.

The program is not just useful, it also provides a lot of other advantages – also economic advantages – over conventional process control monitoring, such as:
• no additional recorders or other peripherals required for commissioning
• very little time required for assembly and cabling of the measurement setup
• no attaching of extra sensing equipment to the system or the analog signals from the controller
• considerable time-saving through the simple Plug & Play interface cable
• all the important process data at a glance
• simultaneous documentation of the system and/or commissioning data.



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