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JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter/controller for electrolytic conductivity measurement using the inductive method

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JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter/controller for electrolytic conductivity measurement using the inductive method

Next to pH, electrolytic conductivity is the most frequently measured parameter for aqueous solutions. JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda, Germany, offers the complete range from conductive to inductive measurement, making it one of Germany’s leading manufacturers in this field.
The JUMO AQUIS 500 series of instruments has now been extended by the JUMO AQUIS Ci for the inductive measurement method. All the sensors from the well-known JUMO CTI-500 and -750 series can be attached. And this instrument fills a gap by using 230V AC supply voltage and providing relays for switching heavy loads.

The standard JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci version is an on-site instrument with IP67 enclosure protection. As an alternative, it can also be mounted in switchgear cabinets. Intuitive operation with plain-text displays makes operating instructions almost superfluous. The instruments can be comfortably programmed through an optional PC setup program. The fully built-out version provides information on electrolytic conductivity and the temperature of the medium in the form of standard
0(4) — 20mA or 0(2) — 10V signals. Two relays can be used for switching, monitoring and control tasks. An illuminated display makes reading and programming easier, even under poor lighting conditions.
The instrument can be used wherever it is necessary to measure conductivity values between around 100µS/cm and 2000mS/cm. Typical areas of application are food and beverage production, process water monitoring, and cooling and refrigeration engineering. The inductive measurement method, also known as “non-contact” measurement, is to be recommended in all those situations where the medium being measured could cause contamination. The inductive method is practically maintenance-free.
Concentration measurements for the usual acids and alkalis and the option of using a freely programmable curve are included, as is measurement range switching.
The JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci rounds off the AQUIS series that aroused great interest in the marketplace, and already offers instruments for pH/redox (ORP), ammonia concentration and electrolytic conductivity (2- and 4-pole methods). The marketing launch will be in the 4th quarter of 2007.



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