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Float switches and level transmitters
  • For liquid media
  • Numerous versions
  • DNV GL approval

Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Wide range of nominal diameters
  • High degree of process reliability
  • High degree of measurement accuracy

JUMO MarineTemp
Screw-in RTD temperature probe
for maritime applications
  • Temperature ranges from -50 to +400 °C
  • Easy installation
  • Bureau Veritas approval

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Universal assistants for maritime applications


The water requirements on modern container ships, cargo ships, tankers, or cruise liners are so large that it is now impossible to store all the water required for the whole trip. The world's largest cruise liner (according to current rankings) can carry up to 6,800 passengers and has 23 swimming pools. Ships like this are therefore often equipped with water treatment technology like those in onshore plants.

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The solution

Evaporation technology was initially only used to produce boiler water, but is now in widespread use. Seawater is drawn in and evaporated using a negative pressure process. The negative pressure enables the water to be evaporated at just 40 to 50 °C and the heat energy required for this process can be recovered from the waste heat of the engines. The water vapor is then condensed again and the distillate is available as purified water. Before it can be used as drinking water, the water hardness is increased and the water is sterilized using chlorination, ozonization, UV irradiation, and activated carbon-filters.

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Customer's vote

The process of producing and monitoring the water quality requires robust as well as tried-and-tested measurement and control technology. By monitoring key parameters – such as the pH value, chlorine content (alternatively ozone, etc.), redox potential, electrolytic conductivity,
pressure, flow, level, and temperature – a high level of water availability and the highest quality standards can be ensured at all times in the water treatment plants. When designing the technical plants and measurement technology on ships, it helps the planners and process
engineers if maritime approval has been granted for the plant components. The DNV GL test seal is an important internationally recognized standard.

Project specification
JUMO AQUIS touch P Modular multichannel measuring device for liquid analysis with integrated controller and paperless recorder
JUMO MAERA S29 SW Level probe made of titanium with ATEX and DNV GL approval
JUMO ecoLine Ci
JUMO ecoLine Ci Inductive conductivity and temperature sensor for general water technology

Typical application areas include all measuring and control points for water parameters including seawater desalination plants, pool control systems, cooling water monitoring systems, boiler water measurements, and ballast water disinfection systems. JUMO can also supply the high-quality sensors required for this purpose so that the entire measuring chain, including the sensor technology, is available from a single source.

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