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Electronic thermostat
  • Space-saving installation in control cabinets
  • fast recording of process states
  • Relay output for switching powerful appliances

Surface-mounting double thermostat
  • efficient commissioning
  • safety temperature limiter
  • self-monitoring due to capillary break safety device

JUMO plastoSENS T04
Surface-optimized plastic RTD temperature probe
  • 70 % faster assembly with the clip
  • exact pipe adjustment, 100 % bearing surface
  • reliable measurement of temperature changes

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JUMO RTD temperature probes for heat quantity measurement

The most effective way of acquiring the temperature difference when measuring heat or cold energy

Cold and heat energy measurement – the proven and highly successful method of measuring the emitted energy from heat exchangers or heating systems. In this field JUMO has developed special, high-quality sensors with which the temperature difference can be measured reliably and easily.

The temperature probes for cold and heat energy measurement acquire the most important measurand in heat energy
measurement: the temperature difference. For this purpose they are equipped with a precise sensor that has longterm
stability to help ensure maximum precision. To measure the temperature difference between flow and return of the heating system within the specified tolerances according to the international standard EN 1434 the two temperature probes that are required for this task must be metrologically coordinated with one another.

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