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Compact controller series
  • simple commissioning and configuration
  • intuitive operation
  • multifunctional properties
JUMO digiLine Ci Digital transmitters for inductive conductivity
  • interference-free digital signal transmission
  • with and without display

Temperature sensor with IO-Link
  • high precision
  • easy sensor exchange
  • various process connections

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Beverage filling with IO-Link sensors

The challenge

The bottling of beverages requires machines and lines to perform at the highest level. Speed plays an important role, because the beverages are filled at high speed and all components of the line have to withstand this speed. For a smooth production process, malfunctions and breakdowns must therefore be permanently minimized. In addition, the hygienic process requirements prescribed for the food industry must be strictly adhered to.

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The solution

The valve clusters are a decisive element in a bottling line. In the valve clusters for bottles, cans, and barrels, temperature and pressure must be measured and controlled reliably and precisely in order to guarantee a continuous production process. The gas pressure in the filling valve nodes is monitored by pressure sensors with IO-Link. In the small pipelines of the valve clusters, the pressure sensors must also have hygienic connection technology to prevent the formation of microorganisms.

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customer vote

In the beverage industry with the given hygiene requirements, smooth production processes and accuracy are decisive. Temperature and pressure sensors with IO-Link provide higher safety in production processes.

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