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The four new temperature probes in the JUMO plastoSENS T series combine the JUMO plastoSENS plastic technology with JUMO's tried and tested manufacturing expertise in temperature tower measurement technology. This has resulted in four highly innovative plastic temperature probes.

The new surface-optimised plastic temperature probe - JUMO plastoSENS T04

In pipelines it is not always possible to measure the temperature inline. Particularly in pipelines with a small diameter, it is therefore advisable to determine the temperature with a pipe contact sensor in order to avoid flow changes. JUMO plastoSENS T temperature sensors also offer a technical solution for this application. Compared to conventional pipe-mounted sensors, the plastic temperature sensor, which is optimised for installation, is 100 % adapted to the pipe diameter. The supplied accessories in the form of an insulating cap and a clip enable the temperature sensor to be attached to a pipe without tools, which results in a time saving of 70 % compared to mounting with a conventional hose clamp. In addition, the insulating cap, which is made of a poorly heat conductive plastic, offers protection against heat and cold influences, which have a negative effect on the measurement result.

Further JUMO plastoSENS T - Products

JUMO plastoSENS T01 Voltage-resistant plastic temperature probe
  • Nominal voltage up to 3 500 V AC
  • High resilience
  • Safe and reliable temperature measurement
JUMO plastoSENS T02 Vibration resistant plastic temperature probe
  • Long-term resistance due to shock strength
  • Breakage resistance
  • Can be used in almost all liquids
JUMO plastoSENS T03 Steam-tight plastic temperature probe
  • Absolute reliability in sterilization applications
  • absolutely impermeable
  • Process-safe due to redundant measurement
Stress, vibration, and steam-thight.
The most reliable probe ever!
Unique properties
thanks to high-performance plastic.
The perfect mixture for your process!
Temperature range from -50 to +200 °C.
Just what you need!

TOP SECRET: revolution in temperature
measurement technology

JUMO's innovation center is the best guarded place in Fulda. Only authorized individuals have access to the patented JUMO plastoSENS T plastic technology. We have overcome the impossible barrier for you.

Benefit from the endless possibilities with JUMO plastoSENS T!

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