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Pre-treatment and reverse osmosis

The crucial element in sea water desalination plants is the reverse osmosis (RO) unit. During reverse osmosis, the sea water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane at high pressure. This membrane acts like a filter and only allows certain ions and molecules to pass though. Reverse osmosis membranes are sensitive to fouling, scaling and oxidation agents.

Pressure measurement before reverse osmosis

Because sea water has a high salt content, a pressure of 60 to 80 bar is required. To ensure safe system operation, the pressure before reverse osmosis must be monitored. The obvious choice for this is the JUMO MIDAS  pressure transmitter.

Conductivity measurement in a sea water desalination plant

Conductivity is the most important parameter of a sea water desalination plant. The level of desalination can be determined simply by measuring the conductivity. Conductivity is measured before and after reverse osmosis. The JUMO CTI-500 conductivity transmitter is used to monitor and control conductivity. Integrated temperature measurement allows precise and prompt temperature compensation, which is particularly important when measuring conductivity.