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Ripening and drying play the most important role in dry sausage production. Products must be dried to a residual water content that meets the regulatory requirements. It is important for water to be released at an even rate and not too quickly. Otherwise the high quality of the final product cannot be guaranteed. To prevent drying errors, the relative humidity should be in equilibrium with the aw (water activity) value of the dry sausage at the beginning of the drying process. Then it should slowly be reduced to allow the water to emerge from the inside of the sausage. Program controllers IMAGO F3000 and IMAGO 500 are ideal for this application.

pH value measurement in meat and sausage products

The pH value is related to the capacity of meat to bind water. Meat has its lowest capacity to bind water at a pH value of about 5. There is no uniform optimum value for sausage making. The best value varies from one final product to another. In the production of dry sausage, for example, the meat should have a low water binding capacity to ensure even drying. The pH value should therefore be about 5. By contrast, the same value would have a negative effect for boiled sausage or cooked sausage: If the water binding capacity is too low for those types of sausage, increased amounts of aspic and fat may be deposited.