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Cleaning Bottles

If you use returnable bottles, the bottles have to be cleaned in a bottle cleaning machine.


Optimum setting and monitoring with the conductivity transmitter JUMO CTI-750

In the bottle cleaning plant, glass bottles are cleaned by a warm lye solution and then rinsed with water at a different temperature. However, the caustic solution is continually diverted by this process, which changes the concentration of the lye. The JUMO CTI-750 is at home in this task: It continually adjusts the concentration of the caustic solution based on conductivity. This ensures reliable cleaning of glass bottles with consistently high quality.

Temperature control in the bottle cleaning plant

Slow warming of glass bottles is important, especially in winter. Special pre-rinsing baths are available for this in cleaning plants. The temperature rises slowly in these baths to minimize the danger of the glass breaking on contact with the caustic solution, which is at 80°C. The JUMO cTRON compact controller is ideally suited for monitoring and controlling temperatures in the cleaning plant.