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Boiling the wort

During the wort boiling aromatic components are extracted from the hop. At the same time components are evaporated, which could negatively affect the flavour of the beer. A lot of cloudy particles are denatured and clear the wort. The benefit of boiling is that the wort is sterilized after the boiling.

Precise temperature and pressure control with the JUMO IMAGO 500 multi-channel process and program controller

The processes that occur when boiling the wort are crucial to the subsequent quality of the beer. So here too, it is a matter of precise adherence to the temperature/time program. The JUMO IMAGO 500 is exactly the right choice for this. With its great versatility it effortlessly masters the full range of tasks in beer brewing. It also provides perfect control for the pressure required while boiling the wort. Here the JUMO dTRANS p31 pressure transmitter is truly in its element,since it is specially designed for elevated medium temperatures and is thus optimally suited for use in this range.

pH Measurement in the Wort Pan

Crucial factors such as the taste and color of the beer are determined by the pH value during wort boiling. Here the pneumatic retractable assembly gives you the option of cleaning the electrodes automatically outside the process.