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JUMO Wtrans B - Programmable Head Transmitter with Radio Transmission (707060)


  • Transmission frequency 868.4 MHz
  • Open air range up to 300 m
  • Universal measuring input
  • Customer-specific linearization (40 pairs of value or 4th order polynomial)
  • 3.6 V/2.2 Ah Li battery in AA format
  • Straight-forward setup program including OnlineChart (optional)

Customer benefits

  • Wireless technology enables process values to be recorded at locations that are difficult to access, resulting in a saving on installation costs of up to EUR 50 per linear meter
  • Wireless technology means "quicker and simpler installation"
  • Universal measuring input for a wide range of sensor connections saves on storage costs since one device type can be used for all applications
  • Simpler and safer battery changes – non-detachable battery compartment cover and sealing screw, AA-format Li battery
  • Simple short-term recording of measured data provided through use of the setup OnlineChart (optional) without additional equipment


  • Wireless recording of temperature process values on moving plants or those that are difficult to access
  • System expansion or short-term ad-hoc measurements
  • Process industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry and food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Tank fill level recording (float principle)


The new wireless transmitter is equipped with a universal measuring input for thermocouples, RTD temperature probes, resistance/potentiometers,
resistance transmitters, and mV signals. The device measures temperature and other process variables.
The compact design of the aerial battery case allows for simple installation on type B DIN terminal heads.


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Setup-Program Wtrans

Download  216.exe (30 days Test Version)  (63.4 MB)

additional information
price on request

Setup program Wtrans inkl OnlineChart

Download  216.exe (30 days Test Version)  (63.4 MB)

additional information
price on request

Accessory articles

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PC interface with converter USB/TTL price on request

(in stock)

Starter kit Wtrans B 707060 price on request

(in stock)

Battery SL-760/S in foil bag 707060 price on request

(in stock)

Activation for OnlineChart price on request

Accessory product data sheets

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model: Wtrans B

configuration: with factory settings

transmitter frequency: SRD band 868,4 MHz (Europe)

price on request