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Hygienic Thermowells for Temperature Probes Used in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry (902812)


  • Rapid response times
  • EHEDG-certified process connections
  • Reduced servicing and maintenance costs
  • Fast and unlimited exchange of the temperature probe
  • Easy cleaning
  • High process reliability


The hygienic thermowells have been designed for use with standard temperature probes in the food and pharmaceutical industry. This includes the temperature probes from the product groups 902810, 902815, und 902940.

All common process connections within the industry such as clamping sockets (clamp), VARIVENT® connection, aseptic screw connections in accordance with DIN 11864-1 Form A, and the CIP-compliant conical seal are available as a thermowell. Stainless steel 316 L is used as the standard material with the surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8 μm (area in contact with the medium).

A surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.4 μm is also available as an optional extra. Individual process connections, such as the CIP-compliant conical seal, are EHEDG-certified. This wide variety creates a versatile system suitable for any application.

The use of hygienic thermowells hygienically seals the process. Easy replacement of the temperature probe is guaranteed without interrupting the process. This way, maintenance and repair costs can be reduced.

Inspection certificate:
3.1, please specify when ordering if required.