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Screw-in melt RTD temperature probes (90.2090)


  • For temperatures between -50...+400°C
  • Available with various probe tips
  • Thermowell and probe tip in stainless steel
  • Ceramically insulated probe tip
  • In 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire circuitry


  • For application in the plastics processing industry


Screw-in mass RTD probes are preferably used for temperature measurement to record the mass temperature in the plastics processing industry.
Blade shaped or plane probe tips ensure optimum temperature recording depending on the requirements.
The connection cables are suitable for a temperature range between -50 ... +400°C.
The measuring insert is a Pt 100 temperature probe as per DIN EN 60 751, class B, in 2-wire circuit. Connection is also available in 3-wire or 4-wire-circuit as an option.