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JUMO Wtrans Transmitter RTD Temperature Probe with Wireless Data Transmission (902930)
image_902930 UL / CRUUS Ex FCC

  • For operating temperatures between -30 to +260 °C or -200 to +600 °C
  • For mobile or stationary temperature measurement
  • Open air range 300 m with interference-resistant transmission
  • No wiring work due to state-of-the-art wireless technology
  • Approval according to EC directive 94/9/EC (ATEX)

JUMO Wtrans Receiver with Wireless Data Transmission (902931)
image_902931 UL / CRUUS FCC

  • For measuring temperature, pressure, potentiometer, and voltage.
  • Interface RS485 with Modbus protocol
  • Wireless measured value reception
  • No wiring work due to modern wireless technology
  • For up to 16 transmitters per receiver

JUMO Wtrans B - Programmable Head Transmitter with Radio Transmission (707060)

  • Transmission frequency 868.4 MHz
  • Open air range up to 300 m
  • Universal measuring input
  • Customer-specific linearization (40 pairs of value or 4th order polynomial)
  • 3.6 V/2.2 Ah Li battery in AA format
  • Straight-forward setup program including OnlineChart (optional)