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Temperature probe for the plastics processing industry (type 40.4452)


  • Medium temperature: 0... 350 °C, 0... 400 °C
  • choice of 6 different measuring inserts
  • Tolerance: Class B, Class A, Class 2 ± 2.5K
  • Process connection: M18 x 1.5, 1/2- 20 UNF-2A
  • Probe tip length up to 25mm
  • Optional with thermally insulated ceramic probe tip

Customer benefits

Extremely precise temperature recording can be accomplished with a thermally insulated ceramic probe tip.
Various probe tip lengths affect the response times of the measuring instrument.


  • Extruders in the plastics processing industry


Temperature probes of type 404452 are used to record the temperature of melt in extruders used in the plastics processing industry.

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