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JUMO MAERA F27 Level Measurement Probe (type 40.4391)


  • Measuring ranges: 50 mbar to 1.6 bar
  • Temperature of the material to be measured: -20...+60°C
  • Capacitive ceramic probe
  • Ultra-precise measuring cell
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • High mechanical stress resistant membrane
  • High chemical resistance
  • High overload resistance (up to 80-fold)
  • Options include integrated Pt 100 temperature probe
  • Sturdy level measurement probe for indoor and outdoor applications

Customer benefits

  • Process safe and reliable
    In addition to the good longevity, the capacitive ceramic measuring cell of aluminum oxide (99.9%) excels by up to 80 times its overload strength resulting from the electrode material selected and the special coating method. The selected measuring method meets highest requirements with regard to resolution and reproducibility. The combination of the high mechanical stress resistant membrane and the stainless steel (material No. 1.4571) or PTFE case offers excellent chemical resistance to a large number of aggressive materials to be measured. The output signal has a minimum current of 4 mA allowing the current circuit to be easily monitored for cable breakage

  • Versatile, uncomplicated and economical
    A wide spectrum of measuring ranges and electrical connections, as well as a large number of process connections guarantee variant versatility allowing individual adaptation to every application. Simultaneous measurement of filling level and temperature can optionally be accomplished by using a Pt 100 temperature probe. Costs can be minimized by easier installation and start-up .


Level and filling level measurement for

  • water and waste water management
  • well and surface water
  • drilled holes, heating oil and diesel oil tanks

Product comparison


Level measurement probes are used for hydrostatic filling level measurement in tanks or to determine levels for instance in open waters.

The ceramic capacitive pressure measurement is electrically accomplished by a plate capacitor with two high resistance ceramic plates (AL2O3) isolated from one another, the capacity change of which representing the extent of a pressure change and thus of the filling level. The level measurement probe can be used for filling heights of 0.5 m to 16 mWC (water column).

The version with a PTFE case is suitable for applications where the medium to be measured is too aggressive for stainless steel. With regard to temperature depending density, the fluid temperature can be recorded during filling level measurement by means of an integrated Pt 100 probe.

For further interesting information please refer to the " Level measurement probes - Hydrostatic level and filling level measurement" catalog.

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Accessory articles

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Terminal box with pressure compensation price on request

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Cable holder price on request

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Sealing screw price on request
Pressure equalization filter for cable price on request

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