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JUMO MAERA S26 - Level Measurement Probe (402090)


  • Measuring ranges: 0 - 250 mbar to 0 - 2.5 bar (0 - 2.50 mH2O to 0 - 25 mH2O)
  • Temperature of medium: 0 to +50 °C
  • Piezoresistive silicon sensor
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • High overload resistance
  • Robust level measuring probe for internal installation

Customer benefits

Process reliable and versatile
Its core is a piezoresistive measuring cell, featuring high overload resistance and longevity. The cell is safe and reliable. The entire probe body and the pressure measuring cell are made of stainless steel and thereby resistant to a large number of materials to be measured. Maximum process safety and reliability can be guaranteed for almost every application due to the variety of available cable materials and process connections.


Level and filling level measurement

  • In rainwater cisterns
  • In gray water recycling
  • In heating oil tank and diesel tank

Product comparison level measurement probes


The JUMO MAERA S26 level measurement probe can be used in tanks for hydrostatic filling level measurement.

When the level measurement probe is immersed into a liquid then a fluid column emerges above the probe. It increases as the probe is immersed deeper into the liquid and creates a hydrostatic pressure on the measuring system by the force of its weight.
The stainless steel membrane of the level measurement probe absorbs this pressure and passes it on to the probe through a filling oil. The pressure sensor of the level measurement probe is based on the proven piezoresistive measuring technique (silicon semi-conductor DMS).
The measured values for pressure are transformed into electronic output signals by an electronic system integrated in the probe. With the fluid density known, each signal value is a direct measurement for the filling height. Filling heights can be measured from 2.50 m to 25 mH2O (water column).

The hydrostatic paradoxes, which mean that the hydrostatic pressure is independent of the shape of the tank, influence the result of the measurement.Establishment and visualization of filling levels in vessels that are not cylindrical is then possible by means of an integrated mathematic function or with a customer-specific linearization in conforming controllers, paperless recorders, and indicators.

Further interesting information can be found in the "Liquid Level Measurement" brochure.

Further technical information is available in the Download area.


Accessory articles

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Terminal box with pressure compensation price on request

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Pressure equalization filter for cable price on request

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