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JUMO DELOS HP - Precision Pressure Transmitter with Switching Contacts and Display (405054)


  • 0 to 160 bar – 0 to 600 bar relative
  • Measuring range scaling 1:4
  • Process-reliability accuracy as of 0.15 % of the nominal-value range setpoint value
  • Analog output can be freely configured by the user
  • Time-saving and simple configuration on the device or with easy-to-use setup program
  • Large, vibrant display
  • Flexible installation position through display (180°) rotation and subsequent auto-zero
  • Rotating case for better readability (+/-160°)

Customer benefits

  • Process reliability
    The stainless steel sensor welded to the process connection has high bursting safety, equivalent in part to 5 times the measuring range. Consequently, the plant is reliably protected against medium leaks in the event of malfunction.
  • Uncomplicated and time-saving
    The measuring device can be configured easily to save time, either on site or using an easy-to-use setup program.
  • Flexible
    To optimize legibility, configuration, electrical installation, and the implementation of auto-zero, the case of the measuring device can be adjusted by +/-160° and the display by 180° in a user-friendly manner.


  • Hydraulic units
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Test benches
  • Laboratory equipment


The JUMO DELOS HP high-precision electronic pressure switch with analog output is predestined for use on test benches, with laboratory equipment, and for construction of special machines.
These areas frequently demand precise measurement and a configuration adapted to the measurement task.
Factory set measuring ranges are from 160 to 600 bar. These can be scaled with a ratio of 1:4, allowing the user
to perform a variety of measuring tasks with a single device. The following starter variants are available according to the application:
1× PNP or 2× PNP switching outputs or 1× PNP switching output and an analog output signal.

The process pressure is visualized by a large and positively-lit LCD display. The measuring device can be configured easily on the device itself or using the easy-to-use setup program.
The case can be rotated by +/-160° for improved readability and the display by 180° for installation overhead. The JUMO DELOS HP also features an auto-zero function for
subsequent zero-point adjustment.


This JUMO product is licensed under United States and Canadian patents. Purchasers of the JUMO product outside of the United States and Canada should advise JUMO of any planned sales of products incorporating the JUMO product into the United States and Canada.


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Setup JUMO DELOS 405050

Download  239.exe (30 days Test Version)  (30.3 MB)

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price on request

Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
Cable socket, straight, 4-pin, M12 × 1, PVC cable 2 m price on request

(in stock)

Cable box, angled, 4-pin, M12 × 1, PVC cable 2 m, plug connection: machine connector M12 × 1 price on request

(in stock)

Setup JUMO DELOS 405050 price on request
PC interface with converter USB/TTL price on request

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Y-connecting cable, 5pole 200/1000lg price on request

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Multi-purpose tool price on request

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Mounting bracket for 2" pipe and wall price on request

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Article number Product description Price / piece

Basic type: JUMO DELOS HP

Input: 0..600 bar relative

Output: 1x PNP switching output and 1 analog output 4...20 mA, configurable

Process connection: G 1/2 DIN EN 837

Electrical connection: circular connector M12 x 1

price on request