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JUMO tecLine HY - Redox Combination Electrodes (201027)


  • Especially robust industry electrodes for the most demanding applications
  • With high-quality zirconium dioxide diaphragm
  • SIP/CIP capability
  • Certified biocompatibility according to EN ISO 10 993-5
  • Designed for use at a continually high process temperature of up to 135 °C (6 bar)
  • Cartridge-style conduction system with reference electrolyte (gel) free of silver ions
  • With salt reserve to increase service life in media with low conductivity
  • With quality certificate

Customer benefits

Stable and reliable measured values
A newly developed hydrogel-shaped filling for reference electrodes – temperature resistant up to 135 °C, non-toxic, physiologically harmless, and ageing resistant – enables excellent measurement properties such as low diffusion potentials.

Low maintenance and robust
An internal pressure buffer ensures compensation of temperature-related volume changes in the reference electrode chamber and therefore allows process pressures up to 6 bar.

Prolonged service life
A salt reserve in the reference electrode increases the lifetime especially in media with low conductivity.

The advantages of electrodes with combined JUMO digiLine electronics

  • Fail-safe digital data transfer for optimal process monitoring
  • Modular system: for single measuring points and for establishing electrode networks
  • Plug and Play function when connected to transmitters from the JUMO AQUIS touch series. This facilitates the replacement of electrodes or the brief exchange of electrodes for calibration purposes.
  • Also suitable for use with the JUMO mTRON T automation system
  • Version with 4 to 20 mA output for integration into existing systems
  • JUMO digiLine electronics can continue to be used even when the electrode becomes worn
  • Easy and secure calibration in the lab


With platinum cone
- Chromate reduction
- Nitrite oxidation
- Swimming pool and drinking water disinfection

With gold cone
- Cyanide oxidation
- Water disinfection


Premium materials and components make JUMO tecLine HY electrodes particularly suitable for the most demanding applications in process and industrial measurement technology. They are designed as combination electrodes (glass or metal electrodes and reference electrodes in one shaft).
Active pH component redox: a robust platinum or gold tip provides reliable measured values and enables easy sensor cleaning.
Reference system: a highly elastic, non-toxic special JUMO hydrogel with certified biocompatibility is used as a reference electrolyte. It offers robust and stable contact between the diaphragm and the conduction system. It withstands quick temperature changes (e.g. in sterilization processes).
Per default the electrodes come with a "salt reserve". This increases the service life, especially for measurements in low-ion media or at high flow rates. The tried and tested JUMO cartridge-style conduction system is used as the reference system. This ensures that the electrolyte remains free of silver ions throughout the entire sensor operating life and is less prone to the effects of electrode toxins. The JUMO tecLine HY pH and redox combination electrodes feature a high quality zirconium dioxide diaphragm with optimized features with regard to KCl throughput and inner electrolyte protection. JUMO tecLine HY electrodes represent the state-of-the-art for modern pH and redox electrodes. Each electrode is of top quality, individually tested, and supplied with a calibration certificate. Modern production facilities ensure consistent characteristics. All standard electrodes are manufactured using physiologically safe and FDA-listed materials. They feature lead-free shaft glass and therefore comply with the RoHS-2 directive.


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