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JUMO tecLine HD Redox Combination Electrodes (201026)


  • Especially robust industry electrodes for the most demanding applications
  • For processes with increased pollutant and toxic loads as well as media containing oil
  • For high process pressures up to 13 bar
  • Wide temperature operating range up to 135 °C
  • With platinum or gold tip
  • With quality certificate
  • Integrated salt reserve
  • Double chamber version with dual diaphragm partitioning

Customer benefits

Stable and reliable measured values
A newly developed hydrogel-shaped filling for reference electrodes – temperature resistant up to 135 °C, non-toxic, physiologically harmless, and ageing resistant – enables excellent measurement properties such as quick response performance.

Low maintenance and robust
Dirt-repellent ring-shaped PTFE diaphragm prevents deposits and blockages. An internal print buffer ensures compensation of temperature-related volume changes in the area of reference electrodes and allows process pressures up to 13 bar.

Prolonged service life
Double chamber version with dual diaphragm partitioning prevents damage to the reference electrode by electrode poisons (e.g. sulphides, amines, or chromates). A salt reserve in the reference electrode increases the lifetime especially in media with low conductivity.


With platinum cone
- Chromate reduction
- Nitrite oxidation
- Swimming pool and drinking water disinfection

With gold cone
- Cyanide oxidation
- Water disinfection


JUMO tecLine HD electrodes are high-quality sensors for professional applications in process and industrial measuring technology. The use of high-quality materials and components is the distinguishing feature of these electrodes. They take the form of combination electrodes (metal electrode and reference electrode in one shaft). Suitable versions are available to meet the most varied requirements. JUMO tecLine HD sensors are state-of-the-art for modern pH and redox electrodes. Each top-quality electrode is individually tested and supplied with a quality certificate. Modern production facilities ensure consistent characteristics.


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JUMO DSM Software for JUMO digiLine sensors

Download  360.exe (30 days Test Version)  (57.1 MB)

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Accessory articles

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USB-RS485 Converter digiLine (PG203590) price on request
JUMO DSM for JUMO digiLine incl. Datenmanagement price on request

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Basic type: glass shaft, gel, DOKA, salt, 135°C, 13 bar

active component: platinum tip for Redox version

diaphragm: PTFE ring diaphragm

connection: screw cap Pg 13,5 material PPS

fitting length: 120 mm (Standard)

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