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JUMO DICON 501 - Universal Program Controller/Generator (703580)


  • 96 × 96 mm format
  • Text display/bar graph display
  • 2 to 4 universal measuring inputs
  • 2 to 8 binary inputs
  • Two-state controller, three-state controller, three-step controller, position controller, continuous controller
  • Inputs/outputs can be expanded in a modular structure
  • Modbus interface, PROFIBUS-DP interface
  • 10 programs with real-time clock
  • 8 operating contacts
  • Ramp function
  • Math and logic function
  • 8 limit values are monitored
  • Switchable display
  • DICON 501 approval: DIN, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, RINA, cULus, GOST
  • Configuration with setup program


Control of temperatures, pressures, and other process variables according to a setpoint value profile.


The DICON 501 has two four-digit seven-segment displays, five or eight LEDs as switching and operating mode indicators, one eight-digit matrix display, as well as six keys for operation and configuration. The program controller slots can be flexibly assigned by the user according to the block diagram. 10 programs with up to 100 sections can be programmed; up to100 sections are possible. Self-optimization, parameter block switching, a real-time clock, up to eight limit value monitoring cycles, and up to eight operating contacts are available as additional functions. The linearizations of the common measuring probes are stored and a customer-specific linearization table can be programmed. A math module allows program controllers to be adapted to a wide variety of tasks. The devices can be integrated into a data network or expanded with an external relay module via a serial interface. A setup program with program editor is available for straight-forward configuration on a PC. Electrical connection is made with screw terminals on the rear.


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Article number Product description Price of the full version

Setup JUMO DICON 500/501 703570/71

Download  050_E.exe (Full Version)  (7.1 MB)

Download  050_F.exe (Full Version)  (7.1 MB)

Download  050_S.exe (Full Version)  (7.1 MB)

Download  050_D.exe (Full Version)  (7.1 MB)

additional information
price on request

Programmeditor JUMO DICON 500/501 703570/80

Download  141_D.exe (Full Version)  (5.5 MB)

Download  141_E.exe (Full Version)  (5.5 MB)

Download  141_F.exe (Full Version)  (5.5 MB)

Download  141_S.exe (Full Version)  (5.5 MB)

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price on request

GSD-Generator JUMO 144.01.xx/1.xx

Download  144.exe (Free version)  (6.6 MB)

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Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
PC interface with converter USB/TTL price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-1-0 (universal input) price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-0-1 (relay (changeover)) price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-0-2 (solid-state relay 230V/1A) price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-0-3 (logic output 0/5V 20mA) price on request

(in stock)

703570 (logic output 0/22V 30mA) price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-0-5 (analog output) price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-0-6 (22V/30mA) price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-0-7 (2 logic inputs) price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)-0-54 (interface RS422/485) price on request

(in stock)

PROFIBUS Dicon mit Zubehör price on request

(in stock)

703570(75/80/85)--03 (math and logic module) price on request
703564/1-23 ER8 3A/250V price on request

(in stock)

703564/1-22 ER8 relay module 3A/250V, 20..53V price on request

(in stock)

703564/2-23 EL8 logic module 12V/20mA, 110..240V price on request
703564/2-22 EL8 logic module 12V/20mA, 20..53V price on request

Accessory product data sheets

Article number Product description Price / piece

Basic type: DICON 501 (96x96mm) 2x analog input, 2x logic input

power supply: AC 110..240V +10/-15%,48..63Hz

price on request

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