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JUMO iTRON DR 100 - Compact controller (702060)


  • Design width 22.5mm
  • Installation on a 35 mm top hat rail
  • Two-line LCD display
  • Universal measuring input
  • One binary input
  • Two or three switching outputs
  • Two/three-state controller
  • One limit value monitor
  • Timer and ramp function
  • Self-optimizing
  • Can be configured through keyboard or setup program


Control of temperatures, pressures and other process variables.


The JUMO iTRON DR 100 is a universal, freely programmable micro-processor controller suitable for a large number of technical control applications. As an option, the controller is available with a relay (change-over contact) or 2 relays (N/O contacts). RTD temperature probes, thermocouples as well as current and voltage signals can be connected to the freely configurable measuring input. The linearizations of the standard measured value transducers are stored. A 2-line alphanumerical LCD display is available for actual value and setpoint value display or dialoguing. Parameter setting is of a dynamic structure allowing automatic application of the values after two seconds. The self-optimization feature installed as standard establishes optimum control parameters by pushing a button. The basic version also includes a ramp function with an adjustable gradient and a timer function. The iTRON DR 100 can be used as a two-state controller with limit value monitoring or as a three-state controller. It is installed on a top hat rail and wired via screw terminals with a cable cross section of max. 2.5mm². A setup program and a PC interface are available as accessories for easy configuration and parameterization on the PC.


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Setup program iTRON DR 100

Download  195.exe (Demo Version)  (6.0 MB)

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Accessory articles

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PC interface with converter USB/TTL price on request

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model: iTRON DR 100 Microprocessor controller with LC-display - 1 relay (changeover)

power supply: AC 110..240V +10/-15%,48..63Hz

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model: iTRON DR 100 Microprocessor controller with LC-display - 2 relays (make contacts)

power supply: AC 110..240V +10/-15%,48..63Hz

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