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Hygro and Hygrothermal Transducer (Capacitive) for Air Conditioning Applications (907020)
image_907020 GOST-R

For measuring relative air humidity and temperature

  • For versatile climatic applications and ventilation
  • For indoor and duct versions
  • Compact rod models with connecting cable or form J terminal head
  • With current and voltage outputs as well as passive Pt100 temperature output
  • With fast-response capacitive humidity sensor

Hygro Transducer / Hygrothermal Transducer and CO2 Measuring Probe for Climate Monitoring (907021)
image_907021 GOST-R

For measuring relative humidity and temperature
as well as carbon dioxide concentration

  • For building automation, storage rooms, and climate/ventilation control
  • Available in the indoor, wall-mounted, and duct version
  • Miniature rod version for OEM applications
  • With current or voltage outputs as well as passive temperature output
  • Hygro thermometer as tabletop/wall-mounted indicator

Capacitive Hygrothermal Transducer with Intelligent Interchangeable Probes (907027)

For measuring relative air humidity and temperature

  • Measurement throughout the humidity range of 0 to 100 % RH
  • Intelligent interchangeable probes for simple replacement
  • For operating temperatures between -40 and +80 °C
  • Option of separate probes for humidity and temperature
  • 2 m, 5 m, or 10 m adapter cable for probe extension
  • Robust metal housing, suitable for clean rooms
  • Integrated LCD display (optional)
  • With standardized current or voltage outputs

Hygro and Hygrothermal Transducer (Hygrometric) (907031)
image_907031 GOST-R

For measuring relative air humidity and temperature

  • For indoor, air duct, and outdoor mounting
  • With resistance, current, or voltage outputs
  • Can be used continuously in areas of high humidity (up to 100 % RH) (duct version)
  • No voltage feed required for passive devices
  • In normal circulated air, the sensing element is largely maintenance free