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Mobile Access to JUMO Devices - JUMO Device App


  •  App for Android and iOS systems
  •  Mobile access to JUMO devices
  •  Display of current process values
  •  Retrieval of event and alarm lists
  •  Scan function for device search
  •  Direct input of the IP address or DNS name

Customer benefits

The JUMO app for on the road: your up-to-date process values are always accessible when required. This feature provides a clear overview and certainty from afar.


Remote access to important process variables via smartphone or tablet

iOS/Android download


With the JUMO Device App the user always has mobile access to the process data. All current process values as well as alarm and event lists from selected JUMO devices which are networked via Ethernet can be viewed in text form. The JUMO Device App is available for Android and iOS systems in the respective app store.

The app can scan for JUMO devices in the company network and displays the discovered devices in an easy-to-read list. The selection and access to the device can occur from this list or the selection can be made manually by entering the IP address/DNS name.

JUMO Device communicates with the following JUMO devices:

  • JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 (as of version 323.01.02)
  • JUMO mTRON T (as of version 249.03.05)
  • JUMO DICON touch (as of version 266.02.03)
  • JUMO AQUIS touch (as of version 304.02.08)

Download the app free of charge with the above QR code.
You can then test the app under live conditions by entering the following DNS name:



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JUMO Device App for Android

Download  352.01.04.apk (Free version)  (2.1 MB)

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