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Further information about controllers

JUMO controller configuration

Configuration of JUMO controllers as 2-state controllers, continuous controllers, 3-state controllers, 3-state modulating controllers, and actuator controllers.
Important parameters of the controller menu.


Functions of the controller series cTRON, dTRON300, DICON and IMAGO500

2-state and 3-state controllers can be implemented with the JUMO compact controllers. Continuous controllers, 3-state modulating controllers, and actuator controllers can also be implemented depending on the version. In addition to the controller function the devices permit a large number of functions, the most important of which are covered in this document. The document provides support when using the controller series cTRON, dTRON300, DICON, and IMAGO 500


Program controller philosophy (dTRON300, DICON501) and IMAGO500

Explanation of the program controller philosophy. At the beginning, the configuration and operation of a program controller is demonstrated. Then the most essential functions of the program controllers are explained.


Math and logic functions

The majority of JUMO controllers (and also paperless recorders) provide an optional math and logic function. The document contains eleven examples related to this function.


Special features IMAGO500

Special features of the IMAGO 500 (working with several controller channels, texts, customer screens, etc.). Basic knowledge of JUMO controllers is required.