JUMO temperature transmitters are in demand worldwide

Temperature transmitters: Highly sensitive devices for the industry

Based on many years of experience JUMO has become an expert in the field of measuring technology which includes temperature sensors and temperature transmitters. These highly sensitive devices are in demand worldwide and are used in a wide range of applications and industrial sectors. We as a company with many years of tradition have based our products on quality that has convinced customers for many decades. At the same time we base our work on excellent cooperation. This has allowed us to constantly further develop our measuring devices in accordance with the requirements of our customers. The results were numerous customer-specific temperature transmitters, safety temperature limiters, pressure measuring devices and many more.

Here you will find our product overview

All products manufactured by JUMO - including pressure measuring devices or temperature transmitters - produce reliable results and ensure malfunction-free process sequences as a result.

Temperature transmitters for the most varied applications

In addition to quality and innovation, the functional safety of our temperature transmitters also belongs to our overall goals. If, for example, you intend to precisely monitor thermal processes in which very high temperatures occur then our safety temperature limiter or safety temperature monitor is perfectly suitable for this task. Once a malfunction occurs in your system, it is switched to a safe operating status by the limiter or monitor. The devices are compact, freely configurable and can be used, for instance, to monitor heating elements or protect boiler systems. As a result, JUMO offers suitable devices for the most varied applications ranging from standard solutions to demanding tasks.

As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of sensor technology we make sure that our transmitters and temperature transmitter are always state-of-the-art.

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