RTD temperature probes for more than just standard applications

RTD temperature probes for industrial production and building technology

In addition to the common RTD temperature probes for industrial production, we at JUMO also offer equipment required in the building technology sector in our wide range of products.

Here you will find our product overview

When considering high energy efficiency requirements, temperature measurement becomes more and more important in this sector. The external RTD temperature probe especially designed by JUMO for this sector has a white plastic case that is UV-resistant. The operation and assembly are easy.

The JUMO safety temperature limiters used in the plastic or food processing industry can be operated as easily as the RTD temperature probes. They operate with high efficiency and reliability. The two measuring inputs can be freely configured for an RTD temperature probe or a thermocouple.

Push-in or screw-in RTD temperature probes

JUMO RTD temperature probes have been successfully used in a wide range of industries for many years. This is the result of the device's versatile possibilities. However, the standard version is already available as push-in, surface and screw-in version.

Of course, JUMO places great value on quality, innovation and customer orientation. Thus, as a company with many years of tradition we are always up-to-date and develop flexible and individual solutions for every customer requirement. The advantages are very apparent as JUMO ranks among the leading experts in the field of measurement and control technology. For this reason, purchasing automation systems, pressure transducers or RTD temperature probes by JUMO is very advantageous to our customers because JUMO products are based on decades of experience.

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