Temperature limiter: A quality product by JUMO

Temperature limiters: Freely programmable as DIN rail or switch panel mounted devices

With its high-quality products such as the temperature limiter JUMO has been one of the most innovative manufacturers of measuring and control technology for over 60 years. We have been able to achieve our excellent international reputation due to reliable technology, the latest development standard and our highly-qualified employees. Our success is based on our decades of experience in measuring and control technology, continuous innovations and permanent proximity to customers.

Here you will find our product overview

Freely programmable temperature limiters as DIN rail or control panel mounted devices

"Made in Germany" stands for quality and safety - values that apply to our wide product range. An example: JUMO offers freely programmable temperature limiters in its product range. The universal measuring input of the JUMO temperature limiter/monitor and JUMO temperature limiter/monitor 08 are freely configurable for voltage and current signals, RTD temperature probes as well as thermocouples.

For example, these devices control thermal processes for a specified limit value. If this value is exceeded, a relay switches the system to a safe operating status. Furthermore, it is possible to generate a pre-alarm signal prior to reaching the limit value. This can be displayed via the LED display to additionally safeguard the process.

The JUMO temperature limiter/monitor is used, for example, to safeguard burner control systems or protect boiler plants and oil plants. Our devices are inspected and tested according to DIN EN 14597 because temperature limiters must operate particularly reliably and safely.

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