Reliable safety temperature limiter by JUMO

Safety temperature limiter for safeguarding heater systems and industrial plants

Safety temperature limiters are required in many heater systems and industrial plants for safeguarding the maximum temperature. In this field JUMO offers a suitable solution for almost every application regardless of whether the customer requires series production or individual units. As a result of the extensive range of different product groups and the various versions the deployment in every branch of industry is possible.

Here you will find our product overview

Function method of the safety temperature limiters

The function of the safety temperature limiter is ensured by the main components: Measuring system, switching set and transmission mechanics. When the temperature rises on the probe the liquid contained in the measuring system expands and the mechanical components cause contacts 1-2 to change over to 1-4 in the thermostat switch. The special feature of the safety temperature limiters compared to other thermostat variants is that the safety temperature limiters do not switch back automatically once the temperature at the probe drops by a specific value. Safety temperature limiters are equipped with a reset button which must be confirmed by the user to unlock the limiter again. This is an additional control function.

Use of safety temperature limiters in the heater industry

The heater industry offers a wide range of application fields for this product variant. In conventional heating boilers operated with oil or gas safety temperature limiters are used to monitor the boiler water. Once the temperature exceeds a critical value the safety temperature limiter is tripped and the plant is switched to a safe operating status. When the inner temperature has dropped by 10-15 K the plant can be started up again after unlocking the safety temperature limiter.

Thermostats are also used in the new fields of the heater branch. In block heating works, for example, thermostats are used to monitor the temperature of cooling water. Another use is that pressure sensors monitor the oil pressure of the motor.

Due to their function, safety temperature limiters are very important in many industrial sectors for safeguarding plants.

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