Differential pressure measurement for individual solutions

Differential pressure measurement for individual solutions

The principle of differential pressure measurement is based on the measurement of the difference between two different pressures. Therefore, differential pressure transmitters are always equipped with two pressure connections. The advantage of these devices is that the differential pressure measurement is carried out directly in the device and, thus, is very precise. As an alternative, the pressure can be determined by two pressure transducers and the differential pressure can be subsequently calculated on a separate evaluation unit.

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The applications for differential pressure measurement vary considerably. It is possible, for example, to use the differential pressure measurement to determine the flow rate of liquids, gases and vapors, the filling level in pressurized containers or the capacity of filtration plants.

Differential pressure measurement also in potentially explosive areas

The differential pressure transmitter type JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA can be attained in an explosion-protected version. An intrinsically-safe version as well as a compression-proof enclosed version is available. Thus, the pressure transducer is even able to measure in zone 0. Due to the comfortable manual operation on site via an external rotary knob, it is even possible to parameterize the device in the potentially explosive zone. Parameterization is alternatively possible outside the potentially explosive zone via our setup program.

For special applications, the differential pressure can also be measured via pressure separators. These transmit the pressure to the differential pressure transmitter via a capillary filled with oil.

Our expert personnel would be pleased to help you with individual solutions for the combination of various devices from our range of measuring and control technology. They can also provide extensive advice about differential pressure measurement.

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