JUMO chlorine measuring device to measure chlorine for the water industry

Chlorine measuring device: Membrane-covered amperometric measuring cell

The chlorine measuring device consists of a membrane-covered amperometric measuring cell. It allows the measurement of free chlorine as well as chlorine gas, chlorinated lime, sodium and calcium hypochlorite. Chlorine, for instance, is used to disinfect drinking water or water for swimming pools. The disinfection with chlorine primarily eliminates or reduces microorganisms contained in water.

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Several factors are to be observed for the measurement of chlorine: The pressure or pH value during measurement, whether or not impairing substances are contained in the solution which can falsify the measured value, etc. JUMO is always at hand for expert advice. That way we can provide solutions for satisfied customers.

Structure of the chlorine measuring device

The chlorine measuring device consists of a measuring cell and a transmitter. The transmitter converts the measuring cell signal. The transmitter can also display and further process the cell signal. JUMO offers two alternative transmitters: The JUMO AQUIS 500 AS and the JUMO dTRANS AS 02. The decision of which one to use depends on the requirements – the JUMO AQUIS 500 AS is provided as a standalone device and the JUMO dTRANS AS 02 as a multichannel transmitter with data logger function and calibration logbook.

For reliable and reproducible measurement, it is required that the flow towards the measuring cell has a constant speed. For this purpose, JUMO offers a flow monitoring device consisting of a flow-through fitting and a flow monitor. Designed in this way, the JUMO chlorine measuring device offers reliable measured values.

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