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JUMO mTRON T "analysis module"

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1) How many pH/redox and/or conductivity sensors should be connectable on one module?
Please consider, that you can combine up to 30 modules in one mTRON T system.
2) Does the module need analog and/or binary outputs (e.g. alarm function or
control function)? If yes how many?
3) Should the module support the known, self-sufficient controller function?
4) Are there other functions, that you would like to have in an “analysis module”?
5) How do you estimate the market price for the product you specified in points 1 to 4 above?
6) Please list known potential applications (select the industry using the JUMO industrial
classification key and give a short, specific description of the application).
7) Do you think that your sales opportunities for our existing JUMO mTRON T system will
increase, when JUMO can deliver an “analysis module”?
8) How large do you estimate the market volume for the “analysis module” you specified
in above points 1 to 4 in your region (quantity per year)?
9) Which other analytical measurements besides pH/redox and conductivity should be
supported by the "analyses module"?
10) In closing, please inform us of further requests/suggestions/ideas.